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Cosmetic Set

Cosmetic set, based on a 13-14th century example in the Gaukler Collection. Tweezers, toothpick, and earscoop. 5.2cm.

Max: 1
(image for) Earscoop


Sterling silver earscoop and toothpick, based on a late medieval example in the Gaukler Collection. This one is 4.3cm, but no two are exactly the...
(image for) Folding Candle Holder

Folding Candle Holder

Folding candle holder, based on published examples, and pieces in the Gaukler Collection. 14-15th century. The spike locks in three positions; folded...

Max: 3
(image for) Needlecase


14-15th century style needlecase, based on surviving examples. No two are the same, 6.5cm.

Max: 1
(image for) Sharp sewing needle

Sharp sewing needle

Handmade sharp copper-alloy sewing needle, based on examples in the York and London museums. Various sizes.
(image for) Spindle and Whorl

Spindle and Whorl

Pewter whorl and hardwood spindle, bases on medieval whorls in the Gaukler collection. Whorl is cast in a stone mould, and is 2.5cm (one inch) in...
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